Freediving or apnea is the art of breath hold diving where a diver descends on a single breath of air, without any breathing apparatus. 

So every time you hold your breath and swim underwater you are freediving!


Freediving is both a mental and physical activity. It challenges the body and the mind. It is all about learning to fully relax, let go and embrace the present moment. Freediving helps to control the mind, get over anxiety and build confidence.


Anyone can learn to freedive with proper instruction, no matter the age or experience.




Still not sure if freediving is for you? Then come and join me for a Discovery Freedive lesson, your first step to develop solid freediving skills. You will learn the basic freediving principles and will focus on relaxation, breathing and practical breathhold techniques to ultimately and safely achieve a relaxed and joyful dive in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.   


You’ll see that there is nothing superhuman about freediving. It’s simply a matter of getting your techniques right to open a whole new dimension underwater and to take your snorkeling skills to the next level.

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