"Freediving is about silence...

the silence that comes from within..."

Jacques Mayol


I grew up in Argentina surrounded by mountains and rivers. Every summer my family and I would drive to the Atlantic Coast in search of the ocean. Following a family tradition, diving and open water swimming quickly became natural to me. After graduating as a Certified Translator and taking advantage of a second language, I took off to an adventure of traveling the world teaching diving with a strong commitment to promote ocean conservation. Having experienced amazing encounters with big mammals like sharks, dolphins, manta rays and whales, I trained as a free dive instructor to keep sharing this love. I am passionately driven to use my skills and experience to introduce as many people as possible to what lies beneath the surface. My goal: inspire people to care and protect our ocean through Freediving.


Big Blue Freedive Competition, La Paz, Baja California

First Argentinian female freediver to set a national record in CWT

Blue Element Freedive Competition, Dominica

Safety diver for the first international freedive competition held in the island of Dominica, Caribbean Sea

Ocean Ambassador for Mexico Azul, a conservation group dedicated to preserving the health of our world's ocean

In-water Experience

PADI Freedive Instructor / Underwater Model & Mermaid

Delivery Crew for Yachts / PADI Scuba Dive Instructor / EFR

Competitive Swimmer for the Argentinian Swim Federation